Seniors learn how to become more tech savy, keep up with grandkids

Posted: Feb 15, 2017 07:25 PM EST Updated: Feb 15, 2017 07:25 PM EST

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of daily life for most people, but what about those who weren’t raised with computers in their pockets?

A new program in Abingdon is giving a helping hand to seniors who want to become more tech-savy.

The cyber seniors workshop is a program designed to teach our elders ways to stay connected.

“It’s very good for your brain to learn new things,” participant Kathy Tickle said. “You just have to learn to keep up with the world or you get left behind.”

Another participant, Danny Brown, told News 5 classes like these make him much more aware of what his phone can offer.

“It’s new technology for an old fellow, which I’m enjoying, very much so,” Brown said.

They weren’t raised in the digital age, so this new way of staying connected came a bit later in life.

“I think technology is always kind of built up to something that they think they can’t learn because it’s so advanced,” volunteer Jesse Wright said.

However, through a lesson or two, they quickly learn it’s not so difficult.

“It gives them a lot more freedom in their lives,” Wright said. “I think the internet allows them to really learn and connect with the world around them.”

In fact, using technology as a resource can be life-changing, giving cyber seniors the confidence to connect in the digital world.

“I want to keep up with my grandchildren and be able to communicate with them,” Tickle said. “I get to see their faces on Skype and see what they’re doing and continue to be part of their lives.”

The free class is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings until May. It’s from 10-12p.m. at the Coomes center in Abingdon, VA.

Volunteers are also needed.

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