Famous African-Americans in technology

By Buster Bytes Tech Columnist Updated: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 11:02 Photo by Joanne Ho-Young Lee/San Jose Mercury News Dr. Mark E. Dean, Chief Technological Officer for IBM’s African and Middle Eastern divisions. He began his career at IBM by joining the team that developed the first IBM personal computer. Today marks the beginning of Black History […]

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Kodak Moment à Total Recall

Posted: 03/ 6/2012 10:31 am Co-authored with Jonathan Regier The bankruptcy of Kodak — long an icon of photography, of capturing a moment in an image (hence the popular slogan: a “Kodak Moment”) — has been taken as an example of how even the most dominant player in a market can succumb to so-called poor […]

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Black History Month: Three Apps that Bring History to Life

By: TNJ STAFF Friday, February 3, 2012               At one point in time, Black History Month was dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of African Americans over the year. While this remains an important element of Black History Month, the event has become little more than a month-long lesson play […]

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